External Research Fellows

Stefan Kolev BBA MBA MSc PhD is a lecturer of economics of European integration at the University of Hamburg, both at the Europa Kolleg Postgraduate Programmes and Faculty of Economics. In addition he is a researcher at the Hamburg Institute of International Economics and a researcher at the Vilhelm-Ropke-Institut Erfurt. Kolev is undertaking his PhD in the field of ‘government’s role in economic policy’. Kolev’s focused research interests include Mises, Hayek, Eucken and Ropke’s scholarship in the field of political economy. Besides, Kolev has published widely in the field of political economy and economic thought. Following that, Kolev has been a Friedrich Neumann Foundation fellow. Kolev is a Non-Resident Research Fellow at the Group for Legal and Political Studies.


Ketrina Cabiri BSc MA is a political scientist specialized in the politics of democratization, with emphasis in the democratization of Albania . Ketrina has special research interests in the phenomena of democratic consolidation, democratic reversals, and democratic cycles. Ketrina is also attracted in the application of rational choice theory in democratization phenomena. Apart from this focused interest, Ketrina uses the application of game theory in political science as a modus of description for the party politics interaction with the institutional politics. In addition, Ketrina sees the third wave of democratization theory as a new momentum for digging deeper into the globalization of democratization for the post-communist states. Ketrina has published widely in the Group for Legal and Political Studies Press, as well as in international journals. She is currently working on a book for public policy analysis.


Sébastien Louis BA MA PhD, is a political historian whose research interests fall in the ‘ultras movements’ and/or political extremism. Mr. Sébastien holds a PhD degree from the Université  de Perpignan, where he specialized in the ultras movements in Italy during the 20th and 21st century. Moreover, Sébastien has published widely on the political extremism field of study both in international journals and famous publishing houses. He has authored a book on ‘Le Phénomène ultras en Italie’, published by Editions Mare et Martin in 2006. In addition, Sébastien has been interviewed by many international medias, including ‘Le Monde’, ‘Kulttuurintutkimus’, ‘Metro’, ‘Culture Tribunes’, ‘Le Quotidien’, etc. Mr. Sébastien holds the title of Non-Resident Research Fellow at the Group for Legal and Political Studies.


Jumpon Kluaymai-ngarm BBA MA PhD Cand. is a Lecturer of Economics at the Asian University in Thailand. His research interests include: Capital Market Integration in ASEAN, Inflation-targeting policies, investment econometrics, and generally the international trade economics. In addition, Jumpon was an assisting director of the Asian International Summer University. Jumpon publishes in journals about the Asian trade and development. He is assigned the title of Non-Resident Research Fellow from the Group for Legal and Political Studies.


Shqipe Hajredini LLB LLM is a legal expert specialized in the European Security and Foreign Policy Law. She is also an adjunct professor of law at the University of Maryland, Kosovo-based campus. In addition, Shqipe serves as a Senior Policymaker in the field of legislation at the Kosovo Prime Minister. By doing so, she is the author of many draft-laws, and has participated in almost every law-composition procedure, in the after-independence Kosovo. With a view through that, Shqipe has coordinated the international expertise in the making of legislation process also. Shqipe’s research interests include the broad area of the security law and policy field of study, both in domestic and international terms. Moreover, Shqipe is authenticating her research background by researching the crafting of a common European security system. Shqipe publishes in international journals and in the Group for Legal and Political Studies Press. She is a Non-Resident Research Fellow at the Group.

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