Research Fellows

Research Fellows/Staff (in alphabetical order):

Ms. Albana Merja BSc MA (EU Integration, political parties and democratization)

Ms. Albana Rexha BSc MA ( public policy, public administration, anti-corruption and rule of law policy)

Ms. Arbëresha Loxha BSc MSc PhD (financial economics and welfare policy)

Mr. Artan Stavileci BSc (Chief Financial Officer)

Ms. Bardha Maxhuni BSc LLM (international law)

Ms. Delfinë Elshani BSc MSc (budgetary planning and rule-of-law)

Mr. Dren Ajeti  LLB LLM (rule-of- law policy)

Mr. Dren Doli LLB LLM PhD Cand. (law and politics)

Ms. Erëza Pula BSc MSc (financial transparency and economics)

Mr. Erdi Pirana BSc (Research Intern)

Mr. Fisnik Korenica LLB MA PhD  (law and politics)

Mr. Francisco Jose Garcia Martinez BSc MSc (rule-of-law policy)

Mr. Mirgjin Zhubi BSc (rule-of -law)

Ms. Njomza Arifi BSc MSc cand. (public relations and project management)

Ms. Njomza Mjeku BSc (Research Intern) 

Ms. Rreze Hoxha BSc LLM (rule of law) 

Mr.Umberto Cucchi BSc MA (democratiozation, Rule of Law and Energy Sustainability)

Former Research Fellows:

Mr. Artan Rogova BSc MSc (economics and economic policy)

Ms. Andrea Garaiova BA – Visiting Researcher (visa-liberalization policy and conditionality)

Ms. Ana-Maria Enache LLB LLM (rule of law) 

Ms. Aubrey Hamilton BA (democratization, foreign policy and regional relations)

Mr. Derek Welski BA MA (international organizations & rule-of-law) 

Ms. Ebba Lekvall BA LLB LLM (EU policy)

Ms. Emma Founds BA JD (anti-corruption and rule-of-law) 

Ms. Kaltrina Ahmeti  BA LLM (law and public policy)

Mr. Lekë Batalli BSc (judicial and prosecutorial system)

Ms. Mergita Kryeziu BA – Intern (judicial and prosecution policy)

Mr. Avni Bytyçi, Executive MPA (fiscal management & public policy)