Kosovar Citizens’ Satisfaction with the Rule of Law – An Empirical Study

The aim of this Policy Report is to analyze Kosovar citizens’ perception and satisfaction with the Rule of Law institutions, more precisely, the Police, Courts, Prosecution, EULEX, and the Government of the Republic of Kosovo. The survey results can provide necessary and meaningful insights into the attitudes of Kosovar citizens towards the functionality as well as the lacks of those institutions. It therefore measures the respondents’ satisfaction, the perceived effectiveness, the accountability of these institutions and their ability to guarantee for equality. While the next section presents the data collection process and methodology of the study, the fourth section discusses the findings of the survey and the fifth section concludes the most important findings and results. The second part of this study finally tries to find factors that contribute to citizens’ satisfaction with the Rule of Law institutions and asks if there are differences among specific socio-economic groups when assessing the functionality of the respective institutions. To access the Report, please click here.