The Serbian Media and the Dialogue: Has there been an evolution in how Serbian media perceive Kosovo?

This report examines the attitudes of the Serbian media towards Kosovo and how those attitudes have changed as the dialogue has progressed. Changes would indicate that the dialogue has changed either how the Serbian media thinks or how they perceive changes in their audience’s opinion. While this report will not examine this question, it is an important issue to keep in mind. In either case, it would show that the dialogue has caused a change in how the Serbian media views Kosovo and a resolution of the conflict between Kosovo and Serbia. If this is true, it could be a leading indicator of shifting public opinion within Serbia where a realistic and permanent resolution and reconciliation between the two states could take place.To study the Serbian media’s attitudes towards Kosovo, three news providers were chosen: the online B92 service, BETA news agency and the state-run Tanjug news agency. To access the Analysis, please click here.