Opinion Against the Ministry of Justice’s Proposed Amendment to the Criminal Code Regarding Declaration of Assets

Kosovo’s Criminal Code provides for criminal punishment of public and government officials who fail to provide complete and accurate information when submitting a declaration of their financial assets as required by law. The Minister of Justice has proposed an amendment to this portion of the Criminal Code, specifically Article 437, which would require prosecutor’s to prove that the official had the intent to conceal disclosure and origin of assets as an element of the offence. This amendment would not only render this portion of the Criminal Code nearly useless, but would also signal to the international community that the Kosovo government is  not serious in fighting political corruption, of which declaration of assets is a key tool. The European Commission has made it clear that Kosovo must to more to fight corruption at the top levels of the government in order to proceed on the path to European Union integration. Group for Legal and Political Studies urges the Parliament and Government of Kosovo to block the adoption of the Ministry of Justice’s proposed amendment immediately. Read the Opinion by clicking here.