Visa Liberalization Process in Kosovo: An Assessment Matrix of Achievements and Challenges (Third Assessment Report)

Group for Legal and Political Studies, within the visa liberalization project framework, has monitored the ability of Kosovo‟s institutions to progress in meeting the visa liberalization roadmap benchmarks as well as continuously indentified the main challenges deriving thereof. Thus, this third report is particularly focused in the assessment of the achievements of the Republic of Kosovo institutions in meeting the recommendations of the European Commission (EC) laid out in the first assessment report and the current situation regarding the achievements of the objectives stated in the roadmap, including the remaining challenges. The Government of Kosovo prepared and delivered a report to the EC on the main achievements in September 2012. To evaluate Kosovo‟s progress in the visa dialogue, the EC conducted an assessment mission to Kosovo in October 2012.In February 2013, the EC prepared a report for the European Parliament and the Council on the progress of Kosovo in fulfilling the requirements of the visa liberalization roadmap. The main focus in the European Commission assessment was the process of compliance of Kosovo laws with EU Acquis, but an important part of it is focused on the implementation of particular laws and strategies. On the basis of the findings deriving from the first assessment report, the European Commission prepared a list of recommendations directed to Kosovo institutions, the attainment of which makes Kosovo nearer to the visa liberalization objective.You can download this Policy Note by clicking here.